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What is Computer Virus? Know about Its types.

What is a computer virus?

Computer virus has become such a problem in today’s time for people who use computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets etc. Today we will learn in this article what is Computer Virus and what are these types and what causes problems for us.

So before we understand Computer Virus, we understand about Malware,

You must have heard this name, so let’s see what are malware? Malware is a kind of computer software, which we also call Malicious software. This is a kind of corrupted software with the same purpose of damaging people’s computers.

Malware is created for the same purpose that our or any specific user’s computer is damaged.

It can have many other purposes like stealing your data, stealing your password, erasing or deleting your data. Malicious software is not automatically created, it is made by a developer or a hacker so that it can harm our computer.

Malicious software can come to your computer in many ways like either you accidentally download them yourself or through a spam email or through a website, because there are many websites on which the link to the malicious software is available. In a single day, people get a lot of spam emails, how many of these people download the malware and fall victim to it.

There are also many types of malicious software i.e. malware that work in different ways or simply harm our computer and data. The way they work is different.


Computer Virus is also a malware itself. What is this virus now?

Viruses are also a type of program or software that spoils the programs lying in our computer laptop mobiles, infecting the files lying in them which are very important for us such as document files, image files or Video files and many other files that are very important to us, it affects those files.

Now let us know about the history of viruses.

The virus was named in 1983 by an American scientist named Fred Cohen. He first named such software as virus. The full form of the virus is Vital Information Resources under CJ (VIRUS: Vital Information Resources Under Seize).

The virus named Creeper was the first virus that spread in the ARPANET network in 1970.

Today, many types of viruses are spread on the Internet, in the same way a network was created for the first US defense agency named ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network).

The first virus to spread to PC was ALK Cloner which came in 1982, which was made by 15 year old Rich Skrenta. It was built for the APPLE II (DOS 3.3) operating system.


WORM (Worm):

The second virus that we know as WORM worm is also a computer virus. The special thing about this virus is that it can make a lot of copies of itself and it can also be infected by going to all or any computer connected to its network, it does not require any instructions to spread.

This can come in your computer during email, internet surfing or downloading. It flattens the memory of the computer thus slowing down the computer. Like a virus, it damages your computer or crashes it. It is a virus that spreads automatically.

Trojan horse (Trojan horse):

Trojans are such fix software that spread on our computer. Many times we see that when we are running the internet, a message comes out that your computer has been infected. If you download this software, then this virus will be removed from your computer or we checked your computer. There are so many errors in your computer, there are so many viruses, if you insert this software, your computer will be fine, so when we download those software, then our computer becomes more infected, then Trojan, if we speak such software.R


As the name itself suggests, after being installed in our computer, all our data is encrypted, ie it is locked or simply kidnapped and we are asked for money to unlock it. In the same way, after kidnapping someone, a ransom is demanded in return to redeem him. Most payments are made by bitcoin or crypto currency so that the sender cannot be caught.

SPYWARE (Spyware):

The job of spyware is to monitor all the activities and data you have done in your computer and send them to someone else. Yes, just like a spy, it can be installed and tied to any unknown software because it is very small, it is created by targeting a particular person or a particular computer and its work is just your data. Have to keep an eye on


The purpose of ADWARE is not to harm your device or data, but after it is installed, you start seeing advertisements on the home screen without opening any app. As soon as we open the smartphone, then automatically we start seeing ads, then all this happens when we download anything from any unknown website, then due to that virus gets into our device.

Tips to avoid Computer Virus:

How to avoid Computer Virus In this, you have to take care of some small things, which can prevent us from coming into our computer or laptop or mobile. First of all, whenever you download something, always download it from a legal website. Do not download anything from any fake website, if you do, then it can come on your computer or laptop.

The second thing is that whenever you check your email, there are many attachments in it. There are some emails which remain fake, if you open any attachment from those emails, then your computer may get virus. If you are always trying to open the attachment of email, then after downloading, scan it before antimalware, if someone can monitor your computer or keep some important data in it, then it can happen

Do not open email attachments sent by any unknown person.

Do not use pirated software.

Install Genuine Antivirus Software in your computer.

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