How can AI be integrated with non-AI technologies?

How can AI be integrated with non-AI technologies?

Today’s world is changing with the adoption of IOT (Internet of Things). IOT is helping in prominently capturing a tremendous amount of data from multiple sources. The convergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IOT can redefine the way industries, business, and economies function. AI enabled IoT creates intelligent machines that simulate smart behavior and supports decision making with little or no human interference.

While IOT provides data, artificial intelligence acquires the power to unlock responses, offering both creativity and context to drive smart actions.

Here are some examples:

1: Self-driving Cars:

Tesla’s self-driving cars are the best example of IoT and AI working together. With the power of AI, self-driving cars predict the behavior of pedestrians and cards in various circumstances. For example, they can determine road conditions, optimal speed, weather and getting smarter with each trip.


2: Robots in Manufacturing:

Manufacturing is one of the industries that already embraced new technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, deep learning, Robots and many more. Robots employed in factories are turning smarter with the support of implanted sensors, which facilitates data transmission. Moreover, as the robots are provisioned with artificial intelligence algorithms, they can learn from newer data. This approach not only saves time and cost but also makes the manufacturing process better over time.


3: Weather forecasting System:

In a weather forecasting system, where IOT temperature sensor and humidity sensors collect data from the physical world, AI tries to figure out patterns from previous data collected and tries to interpret and give accurate predictions of upcoming day weather.


4: Smart Drones:

Initially drones were only able to capture photographs, these were not AI drones. As the scientist used to analyze the data captured through drones. Now the drones are incorporated with AI, which helps them to make decisions also on the basis of the picture they capture.

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