How AI helps in giving you personalized experience online?

How AI helps in giving you personalized experience online?


AI based recommendations:

AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze browser history, page clicks, social interactions (likes, shares), past purchases, the duration for which a page was viewed, location, etc. to gauge customer interests and preferences.

AI can help deliver product recommendations based on frequently bought items, or related products. It can even help customize web pages and elements to suit a customer’s needs. For instance, Netflix does intense behavior analysis based on behavior and demographic data to determine the content that will resonate with their customers.

Chatbots and Automated Messaging:

AI-powered chatbots and messaging agents can enhance the customer experience across channels. They can answer simple queries, engage customers, efficiently handle multiple interactions,


Automated Service Interactions:

AI-driven programs can send automated messages to customers regarding a pending service, a part replacement, or a regular order.


Curating Select Products:

Amazon has come up with the concept of the Amazon 4-star retail store. Products that have received a multitude of 4-star ratings will be offered in this physical store. Amazon will use its product recommendation engine to identify trending products and customers’ favorites and bring them to a brick and mortar setting.

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