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Why do apps collect data in our phone?

Why do apps collect data in our phone?

One of the major sources of data for many major companies is the device which all of us have in our hands all the time: Smartphones. Smartphones have nowadays become an integral part of our lives. Most of us use smartphones more than we interact with people around us.

For the facilities that smartphones provide us, Apps need a lot of data which is collected from the user like details about your face, browsing history, or your geographic location, contact list etc. This data is collected with user’s consent which he/she gives at the time of installing an app by clicking on “yes” or “allow” options which clearly means that we ourselves are giving permissions to the Apps.

Permissions by themselves are harmless and even useful to provide users a good mobile experience. This data is collected to provide us with a lot of facilities and features which have made our lives easier. Another reason to collect the data is to provide us with customized recommendations and notifications according to our choices.
One more reason to collect the data is to make their app more accurate and efficient.

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