Should AI replace laborious jobs? Is there an alternative for major unemployment?

Should AI replace laborious jobs? Is there an alternative for major unemployment?

As this is an open-ended question so both the answers (yes/No) are correct but it must be with correct justification.

Yes, AI should replace laborious jobs.

  • AI can replace laborious jobs like lifting of heavy items, working in mines etc.
  • AI can indeed automate most repetitive and physical tasks.
  • In future, AI would be a good option in the field of architecture and construction.


No, AI should not replace laborious jobs completely as if it replaces laborious jobs completely, then there will be no source of income for the daily wage workers due to unemployment. So, industry owners can use some machines but more of man power. Hence the production will not get affected as humans are smarter than machines since they were the ones who invented AI.

Is there an alternative for major unemployment?

  • AI taking over laborious jobs won’t create unemployment. It is just a groundless fear. The standard view of technical change is that some jobs are displaced by the substitution of machines for labour, but that the fear of total displacement is misplaced because new jobs are created, largely due to the technology-fuelled increase in productivity. Humans have always shifted away from work suitable for machines and to other jobs.
  • The basic fact is that technology eliminates jobs, not work. If this level of AI revolution will happen, lots of job opportunities will be created. For example: 20-30 years ago, being an accountant was a lucrative job, but AI took over this job but this created a lot of opportunities, it raised the demand of a software engineer, data scientist, etc.
  • It will open doors to skillful jobs rather than doing laborious tasks.
  • Thus, we will be able to cope with the level of major unemployment, if AI took over laborious jobs.

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