What is machine learning and How it works

Many of you may have heard about machine learning and if you do not know what machine learning is, then in this article What is machine learning and How it works will know what it is and how it works. So read this article completely so that you can know better about ML (Machine Learning). 

What is machine learning and How it works?

“Machine learning is a technique of computer programming in which a computer program is designed in such a way that the program can learn new things by itself and can make any decision on its own if needed.” This technique of compute is called machine learning.

In this, any application or software is developed in such a way that it can learn new things without interfering with its program and can estimate or output information related to that data when the time comes. is.

Definition of machine learning – Machine learning, by definition, is an application that provides the ability to learn and improve itself without explicitly programming the system.

How does machine learning work ?

A model is created by giving data to the machine learning (ML) algorithm and when an input comes to this algorithm, it provides the output according to the model created.

To understand this, you  can take the example of Youtube , because if you search for things related to a topic or watch a video, your YouTube suggestion will appear in the same way. In a way, YouTube shows you videos to your liking.

Machine learning is used to perform tasks that suggest videos according to your searches and activity.

Machine Learning  in Hindi  machine learning   type

It is mainly divided into three parts –

1- Supervised Learning

This is the most common part of machine learning in which the output of a program is determined. In its entirety, the   programmer  acts like a teacher who taught to a child. In this, a model of the algorithm is first prepared and then a dataset is created.

And from this    dataset , the machine decides. For example, we have created a program stating that Virat Kohli is the best cricketer, Elon Musk is the owner of SpaceX. If we ask this machine who is Virat Kohli, then the machine will immediately tell that Virat Kohli is the best cricketer. Or if we ask the machine who owns SpaceX, the machine will tell Elon Musk. Therefore, the output is exactly that.

2- Unsupervised Learning

In this algorithm of machine learning, the dataset is not fully labeled so that the output is not fully confirmed. This algorithm is used  to extract hidden data from large datasets  .

In Unsupervised Learning    , the machine itself keeps exploring new patterns and relationships from the data. And it keeps making changes to its dataset. In this, the machine is given very little information to learn and it keeps learning a lot from the same data.

3- Reinforcement Learning

These algorithms are quite different and they are being used the most in today’s advanced technology. These are self-dependent algorithms in a way that  are   capable of making completely different decisions. Such programs make many mistakes and keep improving their programs with their mistakes and experience.

Reinforcement learning is quite complex, which can also modify software created when necessary. An example of this  can be considered as an  auto driving car that always moves to a new area and always sees and understands different things.

Therefore its database also keeps changing. For example, if there is a machine based on machine learning, when you fight a board on the road while running, it will give a response in its algorithm that you have to run while saving the board. Meaning the machine learns a completely new thing and applies it according to the situation.

Where is the  use of machine learning – (application of machine learning)

Large companies like Google and Apple are using it extensively so that they  can easily understand its huge  userbase . You may know that these companies have crores of users and it is difficult to serve every user to their liking, because it requires large staff.

Using machine learning algorithms, big data can be easily solved and important information related to them can be obtained. The Google search engine   also uses the   ML algorithm  because Google has millions of website indexes and which websites are important to the user and which are not, it is difficult to manually check.

Google’s machine learning is very advanced, which can make thousands of websites in less than a second and find the right website. Apart from this, e-commerce companies also use machine learning so that they can show and sell products to their customers as per their choice.

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