Amazing Facts About Google

50 Amazing Facts About Google

50 Amazing Facts About Google

1- Google began in 1996, which implies that currently Google is just about 23 years of age.

2- Google, the most utilized web crawler on the planet, was made by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

3- Yahoo web crawlers were utilized before Google came. Not long after the appearance of Google, Google acquired immense prominence and it surpassed Yahoo to number one.

4- Google is really some unacceptable spelling of Googol. Googol is an extremely enormous number that takes 100 zeros. The space named Googol was at that point booked, so while enrolling the area it must be named Google.

5- Google Doodle initially showed up on the Google landing page in 1998.

6- Google puts Google Doodle on its landing page on a major day or on the birthday of a specific individual. For instance, on October 2, a photograph of Gandhiji is set up of Google individuals.

7- By tapping on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, you can see all the logos of Google’s logo.

8- Google began its email administration Gmail in April 2004. Because of quick email sending, this help got mainstream in a matter of moments.

9- It was distinctly in 2005 that Google dispatched the google guide and google earth application.

10- Google purchased YouTube in 2006 for US $ 65 billion. Presently around 6 billion hours of recordings are observed each month on YouTube.

11- In 2014, 89% of Google’s income came from publicizing.

12- Answer When searching “askew” in Google, kindly twist it marginally to one side.

13- Google’s internet searcher is 100 million gigabytes, to save this much information, we will require 1 lakh drivers of 1 terabyte (TB).

14- Google procures around Rs 1,30,900 out of a second.

15- In the event that you need to look for something, individuals say that search on Google and not on this net. Which means Google is currently inseparable from the Internet.

16- After 2010, Google has purchased in any event one organization each week by and large.

17- In 2000, Google presented Adword on which promoters can run their advertisements.

18- Google’s Head Office housed 200 goats for cutting. Google doesn’t keep a grass slicing machine to cut grass in light of the fact that the clamor exuding from it makes issues the workplace individuals.

19- Google’s landing page is so unfilled in light of the fact that Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t have the information on html, which could make the Google landing page great.

20- Consistently in excess of 20,000 individuals go after positions in Google.

21- Google is the most visited site on the planet.

22- More than 200,000 ventures are done on Google each moment.

23- In 2004, when solid Gmail was presented with 1GB of free stockpiling, Hotmail offered just 2MB of capacity.

24- At the point when you look for “atari breakout”, you can play a game.

25- The complete size of Google Earth’s information base is more than 20 Petabytes.

26- Google Maps predicts how quick Android gadgets proceed onward the street.

27- On 16 August 2013, Google’s site was down for 5 minutes. Around then there was a 40% drop in worldwide Internet traffic.

28- Microsoft pays you to utilize Bing rather than Google.

29- At the point when a Google worker passes on, his companion gives a large portion of his compensation for a very long time. Also, her kids are given $ 1,000 every month until she turns 19.

30- Google is building an incredible PC that will make its own program.

31- At the point when Google dispatched Gmail on 1 April 2004, numerous individuals believed that it was simply to make April Fool.

32- Google’s name was “Google” just by some coincidence. The originators had named it Gogol.

33- In 1999, Google’s authors offered Google to sell Yahoo for $ 1 million. Yippee! Could purchase Google for 1,000,000 dollars however didn’t accepting. Later Google ran such a lot of that it gave up Yahoo.

34- Android working framework which is the most utilized OS in the market today.

35- Google had additionally taken the space in light of the fact that the portable keypad containing the number and the invalid was composed exclusively by squeezing the catch 4666453. So regardless of whether somebody has chosen the numbering, he will in any case arrive at Google’s site.

36. Google is additionally the proprietor of domains like, and so on.

37- All the sites and websites around the planet get the most traffic from Google search.

38- More than 90% of Google’s income comes from notices.

39- A solitary Google who needs PC power doesn’t need to send Apollo 11 to the moon.

40- Google has employed camels to show desert streets.

41- Facebook’s first yearly Hacker Cup coding challenge was won by a developer from Google. He went to the Facebook central command wearing his Google Employee identification to satisfy his honor.

42- Google has not saved any standards for recruiting, however for this they take a gander at the ability of the workers.

43- Google’s group comprises of 14% of representatives who never headed off to college.

44- Ordinary 16% of such quests are done on Google, which have never been finished.

45- YouTube is the world’s biggest web search tool after Google.

46- Some Google workers make more than $ 90,000.

47- Yahoo’s CEO was Google’s first female worker.

48- Netflix is more established than Google, it was established in 1997. While Google was established in 1998.

49- Google’s head quarter is called Google Plex.

50- In 2012, Google purchased Motorola for 5 Billion US Dollars.

51- The spot (.) In Gmail doesn’t make any difference. On the off chance that you put a to in an email address, the email will arrive at a similar spot.

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