What is Domain and How domain name Works?

What is Domain and How domain name Works?

What is Domain?

A domain name is that the identity of one or more IP addresses; as an example , the name points to the IP address “”. Domain names are invented because it’s straightforward to remember a reputation rather than an extended string of numbers. it’d be easy to enter an internet site name within the search bar than an extended sequence of numbers.

So, it is the online address of your website that people need to type within the browser URL bar to visit your website.

A domain name cannot have quite sixty-three characters excluding .com, .net, .org, .edu, etc. The minimum length of an internet site is one character excluding the extensions. It’s entered within the URL after the protocol and subdomain as shown within the subsequent example:

https: ( Protocol)
www. (Subdomain) (domain and domain suffix)

How domain name Works:

When the name is entered in your browser , a call for participation is transferred to the worldwide network of servers that form the name System (DNS).
The server then searches the name servers related to the domain and forwards the request to the name servers. The name servers are big computers, which are managed by hosting companies. The hosting company forwards the request to the web server, where your site is stored. The web server fetches the requested website or information and forwards it to the browser.

The Domain Names System is managed by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is a non-profit organization that creates and implements the policies for domain names.
ICANN authorizes the companies called name Registrars for selling domain names. It also allows them to make changes to domain names registry on your behalf, and to sell domain names, manages their records, renewal, and transfer to other registrars. As an internet site name owner, you’re required to renew your domain registration before it expires.

A domain name becomes your address so care should be taken to select an internet site name. Your name should be easy to remember and easy to type.

How to Get an internet site Name?

When you plan to put a site online, this is often one of the important steps to buy for an internet site name. This is always not necessary that whatever name you are looking that’s available so therein case you will need to settle on the opposite good name .
When you buy a website name they’re added to an out sized name register, and knowledge about your site − including your Internet IP address is stored on a DNS server and your contact information etc. is registered along side your registrar.
You can buy name from any domain registrar like hostinger, GoDaddy etc.

Domain Extension Types

There are many kinds of domain extensions you’ll choose for your name . This relies on your business nature.
For example, if you’re going to register an internet site name for education purpose then you’ll choose .edu extension.

Below could also be a reference of the proper usage of certain extensions. But there is no hard and fast rule to travel for any extension. most commonly used is .com.
• .com − Stands for company/commercial, but it are often used for any website.
• .net − Stands for network and is usually used for a network of internet sites .
• .org − Stands for organization and is supposed to be for non-profit bodies.
• .us, .in − they’re supported your country names so as that you’re going to choose country specific domain extensions
• .biz − a more moderen extension on the online and should be used to indicate that this site is merely related to business.
• .info − Stands for information. This name extension are often very useful, and as a replacement comer it’s doing well.

Newer domain extensions like .biz, .info, .online, .xyz,  and .live etc. have more name choices available as many of the favored domains have yet to be taken and most of the them are available at very nominal prices.

Choosing an internet site Name

The name are getting to be your address . Hence, it’s imperative that you simply simply choose the name with utmost care.

Many people think it is vital to possess keywords during a website . Keywords within the name are usually important, but it always are often done while keeping the name short, memorable, and free of hyphens.

Using keywords in your name gives you a strong competitive advantage over your competitors.

Avoid buying long and confusing domain names. May people separate the words in their domain names using dashes or hyphen. within the past the name itself was an enormous ranking factor but now with advanced search engines, it isn’t an enormous factor anymore.

Keep two to three words in your name − it’ll be more memorable. variety of the foremost memorable websites do a superb job of branding by creating their own words. Examples include eBay, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Google…

What are Sub-Domains

You can divide your domain into many sub domains supported your requirement. If you’re doing multiple business using the same domain, then it’d be useful to possess sub-domains for every business. Following are samples of some sub-domains −

You must have seen as a main domain but google has created many subdomains supported their business. variety of them are as follows −

  • − This sub domain is getting used for Google Groups.
  • − This sub domain is getting used for Google Images.
  • − This sub domain is getting used for Google Adwords.

This way, you’ll present your different business sections during a excellent segregated way. it isn’t a huge thing to form a sub-domains. If you’ve got already got registered an internet site , then your registrar will provide you ways to form sub-domains. you’ll need to ask your registrar for more detail.


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