What is the difference between AI machine and not AI machine?

What is the difference between AI machine and not AI machine?


AI Machine

1. AI machines are trained with data and algorithm.

2. AI machines learn from mistakes and experience. They try to improvise on their next iterations.

3. AI machines can analyses the situation and can take decisions accordingly.

4. AI based drones capture the real-time data during the flight, processes it in real-time, and makes a human independent decision based on the processed data.



Not AI machine

1. Smart machines which are not AI, do not require training data, they work on algorithms only.

2. Smart machines work on fixed algorithms and they always work with the same level of efficiency, which is programmed into them.

3. Machines which are not AI cannot take decisions on their own.

4. An automatic door in a shopping mall, seems to be AI-enabled, but it is built with only sensor technology


While we see a lot of AI applications around us, there still exist a lot of them which are smart but not intelligent.

An AI enabled machine should not only recognize, but should also do something with its gathered information.

Artificial intelligence must mean a human-made interface with the power to reason and integrate knowledge. AI must demonstrate at least some of the following behaviors associated with human intelligence: planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, manipulation and, to a lesser extent, social intelligence, and creativity.

Most IOT items are ordinary things outfitted with sensors and connected to the Internet. For example, sensors in your office can recognize shadows or movements, but that doesn’t make them an example of artificial intelligence.

A fully automatic washing machine can work on its own, but it requires human intervention to select the parameters of washing and to do the necessary preparation for it to function correctly before each wash, which makes it an example of automation, not AI.


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