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32 Facts and Stats of Technology

32 Facts and Stats of Technology

  1. Over 3.8 billion individuals utilize the web today, which is 40% of the total populace.
  2. In excess of 570 new sites are made each moment.
  3. 8 billion gadgets will be associated with the web by 2020.
  4. By 2020, video will represent about 80% of all web traffic.
  5. There are over 3.5 billion pursuits for each day on Google.
  6. Consistently 24 hours of video is transferred to YouTube. More video content is transferred to YouTube in a 60-day time span than the three significant U.S. broadcasting companies made in 60 years.
  7. 500 million tweets are sent for each day.
  8. 340,000 tweets are sent for each moment.
  9. Facebook has in excess of 2 billion dynamic clients who have a normal of 155 companions.
  10. There are in excess of 300 million photographs transferred to Facebook consistently, 800 million preferences for each day, and 175 million love responses for every day.
  11. Facebook is a separation legal counselors closest companion. Truth be told, 1 out of 7 separations are accused on Facebook.
  12. Your online standing and security most noticeably terrible foes are Snapchat, Google, WhatsApp,  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  13. Over 4.2 billion information records were taken in 2016
  14. In excess of 88 million individuals will be brought into the world this year. They will be naturally introduced to an information and calculation economy.
  15. We are in the period of Big Data. 16 zettabytes (16×1021) of extraordinary new information made in whole world in 2016-17.
  16. Over 90% of the world’s data has been made in the last 5 years.
  17. In current time there is 60 million hours of music is streamed daily.
  18. Users having internet are spending  more than 30 million hours in playing online games.
  19. 300 million hours of TV shows and motion pictures are observed day by day by means of Netflix.
  20. The measure of specialized data is multiplying at regular intervals. For understudies beginning a 4-year specialized or professional education, this implies ½ of what they realize in their first year of study will be obsolete by their third year of study.
  21. In 1900 14% of the populace lived in urban areas. In 2017 54% of the populace lives in urban communities.
  22. Consistently 7 infants are brought into the world in the US, 32 children are brought into the world in China, and 47 infants are brought into the world in India.
  23. Another term has been made, “The Silver Surfer” for those seniors +50 who utilize the web on a successive premise.
  24. The top sought after positions that scarcely existed 10 years back are Digital Marketing, Cloud Specialist, Social Media Intern, Transformation Manager, Android and IOS  Developer, Data Scientist, Big Data Architect,  Manager.
  25. We are at present getting ready understudies for occupations that don’t exist utilizing innovations that haven’t been designed; to take care of issues that we don’t know are issues yet.
  26. 13 years back (2007), Apple dispatched its first iPhone. 2.3 billion individuals currently own an iPhone now.
  27. Candy Crush procures more than $1.74 million every day and over $636 million every year.
  28. In August 2017 Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices came to the $4000 mark.
  29. 10 million self-driving vehicles will be out and about by 2020.
  30. In 2013, Amazon had 1,000 robots working in its stockrooms. Presently Amazon has 45,000 robots working across 20 distribution centers.
  31. 47% of occupations will vanish in the following 25 years as robots will supplant 5 million specialists by 2020.
  32. The Digital Revolution is simply beginning. A working Quantum Computer could show up inside the following 10 years. It will empower remarkable bounces in figuring power. Man-made consciousness will beat people in numerous exercises in the following 10 years.


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